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Josh on the Web.....In Color
Welcome to Josh on the Web In Color

We dont have too much right now and thats the way is going to stay...So shut your stinking pie hole and look at the pretty pics of Josh.

Guess which one is Josh
Super heros nuff said
Josh tries his hand at a hill rolling contest
Josh Wins!!!

The Un-orignal Spoof Project

In the summer of 1999 two students and Josh went into the Loop on a mission to have Josh endorse everything he could get his hands on....

....a few day later when they got their film devolped their footage was found.

The night started out with a nice dinner
But things got ugly after Josh ate too much bean dip
Josh meets one of his friends on the street
Here Josh is seen without his makeup
After this Josh saw a friend he had not seen in awhile
Josh decides to take a relaxed attitude towords work
The night finally ended and Josh was left with nothing more then the memories

Well, it seems that when the counter on this webpage hit 200 that Josh's ego exploded. He started demanding money, contract re-negotiations and talking in the third person and all that whatnot. He almost caused this site to shutdown (so if u see him please express your disgust in his actions). To keep his "ho ass" in check I am adding a new feature to Josh on the Web. It is a story of a boy and his dog. Filled with blood, gore and fighting (minus the bloos and gore). I submit for your approval.....

Mean Old Mac and The Space Stud!!!!!

Our story begins with a dog named Mac. He was a nice the begining. On his first day of doggy school he met a great dane named Scooby. Despite popular belief, Scooby was a real slick pimp type. It wasn't long before Scooby sniffed out the innocence of Mac. Scooby thought to himself (in a dog voice of course) "Heeeeeeeey. I could take this small town puppy for all he is worth since I am such a slick pimp type." Mac was sitting in his chair ready to start his first day of doggy school when all of a sudden Scooby slid up behind the unsuspecting puppy dog. I wont go into detail of what was said but it wasn't long before Mac was lighting up the pot and staying up till all hours of the morning drinking. By this time Mac had turned into a pimp slicker than Scooby could ever hope to be. It was at this point Mac killed Scooby. Mac enjoyed his first taste of blood, and he wanted more. But who could he kill? Josh? I think not. Mac went for his owner and long time friend Tom the Space Stud. Mac and Tom the Space Stud had been long time friends, but that was before Mac's run in with Scooby on his first day of puppy dog school. Tom the Space Stud went to pet Mac, but would have none of it. Mac bit Tom the Space Stud's hand playfully. Tom thought nothing of it at first. But then Mac's playful nature got out of hand. Soon after...Tom the Space Stud was dead. Now Mac was free to sit on any chair in the house that he wanted with out fear of a rolled up newspaper to the head. The lesson that is learned here is that if u ever see Scooby, beat him down because if u don't Tom the Space Stud will die......Thank You drive home safely. If u have any comments or stories simular to this one or if you just want to talk about Josh's ego mail me here....peace out "yo". Love, Tom

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