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Josh on the Web.....In Color
Welcome to Josh on the Web In Color

We dont have too much right now and thats the way is going to stay...So shut your stinking pie hole and look at the pretty pics of Josh.

Guess which one is Josh
Super heros nuff said
Josh tries his hand at a hill rolling contest
Josh Wins!!!

The Un-orignal Spoof Project

In the summer of 1999 two students and Josh went into the Loop on a mission to have Josh endorse everything he could get his hands on....

....a few day later when they got their film devolped their footage was found.

The night started out with a nice dinner
But things got ugly after Josh ate too much bean dip
Josh meets one of his friends on the sreet
Here Josh is seen without his makeup
After this Josh saw a friend he had not seen in awhile
Josh decides to take a relaxed attitude twords work
The night finally ended and Josh was left with nothing more then the memories

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